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Paul founded and built Tree Sound 30+ years ago with one distinct mission in mind: “Educate the world on the importance of sustainable living and the impact of conscious consumerism through the power of music.” To that end, he has recorded with Outkast, Elton John, Whitney Houston and countless others, all on sustainable and solar powered energy. With 2015 marking 25 years in business, Paul is still searching for and finding new ways to improve the quality of sound and awareness of preserving the planet through his several other counterparts: Rockstar Farms, Tree Power & Sound, and Tree Leaf Music.


Ashley Dennis

Senior Engineer

About Ashley Dennis
Ashley Dennis is a “First Call” Audio Production Renaissance man with a Career spanning over two Decades in which time Mr. Dennis been sought out by some of the worlds Top recording Artists , Performers , Record Labels , Management Companies , Film Producers , Awards Shows , Music and Arts Festivals as well as the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta , to lend his Talents and tireless work ethic to Bring even the seemingly impossible Dreams to Life . He is an Accomplished Live Audio Mixer , Studio Mixer , Tone Consultant , Record Producer of the Highest Caliber , as well as Producer and co founder of one of the City of Atlanta’s largest and most successful Jazz festivals . An Accomplished Guitarist and Songwriter Mr. Dennis Never seems to slow down , His Calendar is always full and he always delivers the Goods , as He stands By a Motto He learned early on in the Business , “you are only as good as your last Gig”
As the owner of Smash Productions llc Mr. Dennis Heads up a National Network and Team of Professionals and vendors to Serve his Clients on a National and , international scale. Services offered are : Concert Touring Design and Consultation , Venue Design and Consultation , Production. Mgt. Services , Festival Design and Services. , Large Scale Televised Sporting Events and Product Rollouts Live Event Services include : Personnel , Equip. , Staging , Lighting as well as all aspects of event Mgt. Recording Services , Live Award show Production and Staffing as well as House of Worship Production Design and Consultation and Staffing His Ability to Connect with Artists across many genres has brought him together with such greats as : Al Green , Bob Dylan , to Tony Bennett to Gerald Albright , Usher,Widespread Panic , Phish , Dave Matthews Band , The Pixies , Deacon Brody , Ziggy Marley , Steel Pulse , Tribe Called Quest , Ice -T , Branford Marsalis , REO Speedwagon , Marilyn Manson , Love Tractor , Elvis Costello , Steve Earle , TheSamples , Drivin and Cryin and so many more. He has Served as House Sound engineer at many Venues throughout the years including Trax in Charlottesville Va. , Georgia Theater in Athens , Ga and the Tabernacle Theater in Atlanta , Ga where under his tenure They Recieived the “Rolling Stone Venue of the year Award “ Mr. Dennis Has Recorded in and has a continuing relationship and Association with Many of the Top facilities in the Country including but not limited to Olympia Studios ,Tree Sound Studios , Southern Tracks Recording Studios , Exocet Studios , Musiplex Atlanta, Ardent , Memphis and many More.

DJ Burn One

Senior Engineer

Producer/DJ/Engineer/Mixer Recording and Mix Engineer for the last 15 years. 

Mixed and Recorded for Gucci Mane, David Banner, Killer Mike, Starlito, Don Trip, Young Dolph, Young Dro, Rehab, Trouble, Superfly Soundtrack, Ubisoft, Orlando Magic.

Sound Design for 1917 movie ad campaign, Justice League movie ad campaign, Ubisoft.

Karl Heilbron Senior Engineer

Based out of Atlanta, Ga.
Engineer/Producer/Mixer/FOH engineer
Karl was born and raised in Miami Florida.
Started engineering after graduation from Full Sail University in 1987 at Miami’s famed Criteria/Hit Factory Studios in Miami.

Has 38 platinum albums and four Grammy nominations.
Rick Ross “Better you than me” (Def Jam)
Engineer, “Dead Presidents” feat Jeezy
Rihanna “R Rated” (Def Jam, SRV)
Engineer. “Hard” feat Jeezy
Jeezy “Pressure” (CTE, Def Jam)
Soundgarden “Superunknown” (A&M)
Engineer. “Blackhole sun”, “Black Days”
Jeezy “TM103” (CTE, Def Jam)
Jay-Z “Blueprint 3” (Roc Nation, Atlantic)
Engineer, “As Real as it gets” Feat. Jeezy
Jeezy “Trap or Die 2” (CTE)
Engineer, Mixer
Jeezy “1,000 Grams” (CTE)
Engineer, Mixer
Jeezy “The Last Laugh” (CTE)
Engineer, Mixer
Kings X “Dogman” (Atlantic)
Pearl Jam “VS” (Atlantic)
Pearl Jam “Vitology” (Atlantic)
2 Pac Shakur “Until the end of time”
Engineer. “Let them have it” feat Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.
2 Pac Shakur “Above the Rim soundtrack”
vocal Engineer. “Pain”
DJ Khaled “Victory”
Engineer. “Fed up” and “Keep your hands up” feat Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Usher and
Keith Sweat “Keith Sweat” (Elektra)
Engineer/mixer/Bass “Nobody”, Album
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “Supernova” (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer, Producer, Songwriter, Lap Steel
Aerosmith “Wayne’s World 2 soundtrack” (Geffen)
Engineer. “Shut up and dance” Live version.
Jackyl “Beavis and Butthead experience” (Geffen)
Engineer. “Mental Masturbation”
Usher “Here I Stand” (LaFace)
Engineer/Guitar. “Love in the club” remix feat Lil Wayne and Beyonce.
Juvenile “UTP Playas, Street Stories” (UTP Records)
Engineer, mixer. Album
Silk “Lose Control” (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer, Remixer. “Freak me”, “Lose Control”.
Keith Sweat “Get up on it” (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer. Album
Lil Boosie (Atlantic)
Engineer, mixer. “Better Believe it”
Rage against the Machine “The Crow soundtrack” (Geffen)
Engineer. “Darkness”
Ol Skool “R.S.V.P. (Elektra)
Engineer, Mixer. Album
Kut Klose “Surrender” (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer. Album
L.S.G “Levert, Sweat, Gill (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer. Album
L.S.G. “2” (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer. Album
Xscape “Traces of my Lipstick” (So so Def)
Engineer. “Am I dreaming” feat. Ol Skool
Dru Hill “Dru Hill” (Sony)
Engineer. “Love train”
Keith Sweat “self titled” (Elektra)
Engineer, mixer. Album
Dido “All I want” (RCA)
Engineer, mixer, Remixer.
TLC “3D” (Laface)
Engineer. Album
Keith Sweat “Didn’t see me coming” (Elektra)
Engineer, Mixer. Album
Isley Brothers “Mission to please” (Island Records)
Engineer. “Slow is the way”
Dumb and Dumber soundtrack (American Records)
Engineer. “If you don’t love me” Pete Droge
Jeezy “Trappin’ aint dead” (CTE)
Engineer, mixer. Album
STP “Westwood one live concert” (West wood one Radio Network)
Grammy Nominations:
Jay-Z Blueprint 3.
Best Rap album
Jeezy and Plies “Lose my mind”
Best rap Collaboration
Pearl Jam “VS”
Best Alternative rock album
Jeezy “I do” feat Andre 3000 and Plies
Best rap single

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